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This Kognito simulation suite, sponsored by the Office of Suicide Prevention at the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services, address topics of mental health, suicide prevention and bullying, and how to support especially vulnerable students as a professional or peer. These research-proven simulations go beyond knowledge and awareness to build user's skills and self-confidence through practice talking with virtual students and parents. Our experience with over 250,000 PK-12 teachers and 100,000 higher education faculty and staff have provided compelling evidence that Kognito conversation simulations lead to positive changes in skills, attitudes and behaviors. Kognito simulations have been proven effective in studies with thousands of users across the country. Several are listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

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You can help spread the word about the availability of these simulations to your target learners. Please click on "Tips & Resources" below to gain access to a range of resources to assist you in achieving this goal. They include promotional flyers, email and newsletter text, and more.

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